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- Topdon Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Stereo Headphones
- Bring Life to Dead Batteries-A Topdon Model T01 Car Starter Review
- Review of the Topdon TP550 Wireless Headphones

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 TOPDON TP550 BLUETOOTH NOISE CANCELLING STEREO HEADPHONES Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

TOPDON TP550 BLUETOOTH NOISE CANCELLING STEREO HEADPHONES REVIEW What are the Topdon TP550 bluetooth noise cancelling stereo headphones? The Topdon TP550 are headphones made for the buyer who basically wants everything. Wireless headphones with active noise cancellation, which also looks eye-catching. Thought these are tech-heavy headphones, but the sound quality is still amazing. Not just like in other cases, when sound quality is poor, but it offers lots of great features. And to be honest it's very surprising, because the price for this quality is very low. Just ��49.99, you even start questioning yourself how it is possible? But yes, it seems like it's more than just possible. So let's take a deeper look in to Topdon TP550, and find out what makes these headphones so great. Topdon TP550-design and features Let's start from the basics:the Topdon TP550 are over-ear headphones. It means that the ear-pads sit around your ears, not on them. And it's great, because it makes these headphones extremely comfortable. I've worn these headphones for more than three hours at a time and I didn't have any issues. Talking more about comfort, after taking Topdon TP550 in my hands for the first time Topdon headset, I noticed one thing-ear pads. It felt very comfortable, and it's not surprising, because it seems like the cushions are made out of memory foam, covered in synthetic leather. By the way the quality of this synthetic leather is just fantastic! In my opinion, one of the most important things, which makes these headphones so good is-design. Like I mentioned before these are over-ear headphones, it means they're fairly large. But the strangest thing is that they don't even look large, instead of that Topdon TP550 looks very compact. Which is great, because I never was a huge fan of other bulky over-ear headphones, but most of the time they are very comfortable. So in this case the Topton managed to create very comfortable headphones, which at the same time are compact. Other thing which attracts attention is-details, and I'm talking about design details. The decoration of carbon on each ear-cup and headpad looks amazing, it fits perfectly with compact headphones design. When I saw photos of Topdon TP550 on amazon, at first I thought that they're going to look cheap, but I was completely wrong. They look outstanding, but at the same time manages to keep minimalistic and clean design. The last detail-red accent on each ear-cup looks really nice, it just blends in the whole design of headphones Topdon. It seems like everything is perfectly balanced. Also another great thing is that, these headphones are well made. Because during all this time I have heard only the tiniest bit of plastic creaking. I've been using Topdon TP550 with my Nokia 1020 and laptop, and wireless performance has been flawless. I haven't had any problems with signal break-up or other weird digital squawks. I wasn't expecting that these headphones will be working so smooth. Also I didn't have any problems with pairing these headphones with my smartphone or laptop. So in terms of wireless performance, I'm giving a perfect score for Topdon TP550. I have used these headphones on both trains and buses, where I had an opportunity to use active noise cancellation feature. And the effect is just amazing. Actually it was my first time when I've used this feature. At first it was weird and it seemed very unnatural, but after a while I got used to it. The greatest thing is that while using this function you don't need to increase music volume in noisy environments, because the background noises just disappear. Battery life is up to 18 hours, and the Topdon TP550 have an built-in battery, which is charged using a micro-USB port. But in case you run out of battery, you can always use a cable. You will find one (3.55mm jack) in the box. Of course the sound quality will be worse, but it's natural. To control volume and music playback you can use controls, which are on the right side of ear-cup. But I never use it, because it's not very convenient. It's not because that there is something wrong with the headphones Topdon T01 Jump Starter, it's because I like to control everything on my smartphone or laptop instead. Topdon TP550-sound quality Without any power these headphones sound quite poor. The tremble is veiled, and there is a lack of bass. So I would suggest you to use these headphones without power only in emergencies. However there is a huge difference when the power is on, then the headphones become very enjoyable. Sound tightens up hugely-becomes clear and full. Another great thing is noise cancellation feature, which helps a lot in noisy environments. Like I mentioned before it seems like background noises just disappear. At first when you turn it on the volume becomes lower, and it seems like that the bass becomes soft, but it's only for a few seconds. Because at first I got confused, it seemed like after turning this feature on, it lowers the sound quality. So overall the Topdon TP550 are excellent headphones, with great sound quality. Should you buy the Topdon TP550 headphones? The Topdon TP550 without any doubt are one of the best headphones you can get for ��50 on Amazon.co.uk and $59.99 on Amazon.com. The mix of great wireless, great noise cancellation and amazing sound quality leaves no doubts that these are very high quality headphones. It's an excellent option for anyone who is looking for not expensive, but good wireless over-ear headphones, with noise cancellation feature. Source Link:http://pcgamebros.com/topdon-tp550-bluetooth-noise-cancelling-stereo-headphones-review/
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 Topdon Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Stereo Headphones Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Topdon Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Stereo Headphones REVIEW Sleek and comfortable with good quality sound One of my favorite features that only certain Bluetooth headphones have is the ability to still be used without a charge. Now it may contradict the use of Bluetooth features but I often find myself picking up a dead pair of headphones and wanting to use them right then and there. The TOPDON TP550 doesn't limit itself to being charged and still maintains good quality sound when using an auxiliary cable without any charge. I want to note that the packaging for these headphones is very nice looking and allows you to lift a covering off to view the headphones in the box. Just viewing them in the box I liked the black carbon fiber design that is on the part that covers your ear. Out of the box reveals that the headphones are not completely all black and that there are small bands of red that separate the ear cushions from the matte black plastic which makes for a great looking contrast. The ear cup cushions seem to have a nice thickness for being comfortable without being overly bulky. Included were an auxiliary cable to allow you to plug in your headphones to your device and a micro-USB cable for charging. The first thing I did was unraveled the auxiliary cord to test if these would still work without any power on. I was thrilled that they did because some headphones lose significant quality or are rendered useless without power. I then connected them to the micro USB and left them to charge overnight. During multiple long uses of these headphones I want to point out that quality never decreased with use and they also are nowhere close to being out of charge topdon plus scanner. The TOPDON TP550 boast a full charge at being 18 hours and I can say that they have a longer held charge than a lot of competitors. Connecting to Bluetooth was effortless and was done without using instructions but they were included and detailed if there were any issue. I tested the range of these headphones and I could get the full 10-meter range without a decrease in sound quality. The sound quality is very good making these a pair that I will be gravitating towards using mostly for movies, Youtube, and podcasts. For the price range that these are good competition. However, if you are looking for a pair that boasts a lot of bass, these are not the pair. The only fault I noticed was the low tones not being strong. The noise canceling feature didn't completely cancel all noise but I only noticed when I was being critical of it, and not me noticing that I could slightly still hear when just playing music. For music playing Topdon TP550 headphone, if you like the Indie genre, I felt they were very clear and accentuated guitar playing, but I'd shy away if you're wanting a good hip-hop bass. Overall the TOPDON TP550 are a good pair of Bluetooth headphones that look and feel very nice. I think most people will find these to be suitable for their audio needs. Source Link:https://macsources.com/topdon-bluetooth-noise-cancelling-stereo-headphones-review/
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 Bring Life to Dead Batteries-A Topdon Model T01 Car Starter Review Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Bring Life to Dead Batteries-A Topdon Model T01 Car Starter Review We've all been there. You get out to your car one morning, hit the unlock button on your keys and nothing. The doors stay locked. You find it strange, so you manually unlock the doors to discover that your car battery has died. It could be worse, once my entire car shut down while driving because of a dying battery Topdon TP550 headset. There you are stuck in your parking spot, or worse on the side of the road. You can't get to where you need to go and you can't go drive somewhere to get a new battery. Your options are limited in what you can do to fix the problem. This is where jumper cables and helpful citizens come in handy, that is if you can find either one of those. For those stuck on the side of the road the only real help you have is what you have with you. Cue the Topdon T01 car starter. Packed into a large carrying case, this portable product allows you to jump start nearly any car on the road and help you get to where you are going. Furthermore, its additional functionality for phone and laptop charging allow it to be helpful in other situations. When you are stuck on a dangerous road, don't be a sitting duck, but setup the T01 emergency light bar that warns drivers to slow down and helps law enforcement to find you on the side of the road. Welcome to my review of the Topdon T01 portable car starter. Throughout this review, we will be covering the design, functionality and my final thoughts of the T01. A special thank you goes to Topdon for providing me with this unit. Design Beginning with the face of the T01, you immediately notice the embossed metal diamond cut pattern found in the plastic housing. Additionally, the front includes a four red LED flasher bar that pulses with a one second interval. Around the rest of the plastic housing you'll find a smooth finish with the rear of the unit containing four rubber feet. As seen in the product pictures, there are two chromed tabs found on the bottom of the T01. They appear to offer no purpose other than aesthetic appearances. Weighing in at 2.6 pounds, this is not a device that you will want to carry around with you all day. Moreover, the dimensions (6.5 L x 1.3 W x 3.1 H inches) make it a slightly large for carrying around. Since this is a multipurpose unit, the top I/O contains multiple different lights and controls. From left to right, you have your voltage output meter which gives you control of the output voltage for when starting a car or charging a laptop, a laptop power output, an internal battery meter, a multipurpose power button, a 2.1A USB charging output, the T01 charging input, a master power switch, and finally the engine starter plug. That is a lot of I/O and a lot of cables that you'll need to operate it. Luckily, Topdon does include a hard vinyl carrying case that contains everything you'll need. Inside the carrying case is a placeholder for the T01, your car battery starter cables, an octopus USB cable that includes micro USB, mini USB, lightning and 30-Pin iPhone cables, eight different laptop charging plugs, and a charger for the T01 itself. In terms of the design for the accessories, everything is extremely well built. I have reviewed these car starter battery packs before in the past, but the T01 comes with some well constructed jumper cables. Likewise, the octopus USB charger allows you to cover most of your bases by giving you a cable for nearly every type of mobile device. For the laptop charger, don't expect this to work for your laptop as there are many more types of cables than this includes. While it did work on my Dell laptop, it does not have a Lenovo rectangular connector. Functionality Similar products in this field are fairly simple in their functionality, meaning they just start the car and wait until they are needed again. Topdon threw in some additional functionality that I've already alluded to above. This device is not meant to be a daily product. It's heavy, large, and chances are if you are packing for a trip, you will rather take your dedicated charger for whatever device needs battery power. Where it comes in handy is for emergency situations. It's meant for your car and that is where it should be stored for the remainder of its life with you. With a massive 18,000 mAh internal battery, you could jump start an average car about seven to ten times. Results for constant starts will always vary, but I have used it at least twice before a recharge and it still reports 100% battery power. Unfortunately, Topdon does not mention the unit's total cranking amps, but does state that it will be able to start a 5L gas or 3.5L diesel engine. For those who are not car enthusiasts, it should be able to turn over most SUVs and sedan cars. Since this is a car-ready emergency device and in case you are stopped on the side of the road for another car related problem, the built-in red flasher LEDs can literally be a life saver. They are bright and have a good flashing rate. It would be nearly impossible for somebody not to notice, even in bright daylight. If that isn't enough, the bright single LED flashlight can light up the entire engine if you need to fix something. Furthermore, it includes an SOS and fast flashing mode. The red flashers are activated by a double tap of the power button and the flashlight is turned on by a long press of the same button. Yes, you can have both turned on at the same time. Something to take note of, if the jumper cables are ever touched together while powered, you will not get the repeated sparks like you see in movies. Instead you will get a quick short of electricity before the internal fuse can burn out. This will then need to be replaced by Topdon. While I didn't primarily focus on it, I did try the USB and laptop charging capability. The octopus charging cable was helpful for charging an iPhone and an Android phone while out on the road. Charging times of the phone wasn't anything special Topdon T01 Jump Starter, but the 2.1A does allow tablets to be charged too. For the laptop charging, you need to configure your T01 to output at 19V or 16V depending on your laptop model. My Dell laptop didn't seem to work at first and told me my laptop was not charging, but then decided otherwise. Your results may vary on this. Finally, for recharging, the unit's massive 18,000 mAh will need multiple hours to recover from a discharge. You can either recharge the T01 using the cigarette lighter socket in your car or the included wall charger. My Final Thoughts The Topdon T01 is a helpful car emergency device that doubles up as a lifesaver for your other mobile devices. On top of the included accessories and massive 18,000 mAh battery, it will surely come in handy when camping or venturing out to a place without electricity. That said, you will not be disappointed if you do purchase one. Source Link:http://www.techsupportforum topdon plus Code Reader.com/27690-bring-life-to-dead-batteries-a-topdon-model-t01-car-starter-review/
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 Review of the Topdon TP550 Wireless Headphones Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Review of the Topdon TP550 Wireless Headphones There was once a time when wireless headphones didn't exist, but nowadays they seem to be the most popular variety available. The over-abundance of different brands, makes and models has brought retail prices drastically lower, but in-turn has made it much more difficult to select the right pair. If you're someone who's been searching high and low for a quality pair of Bluetooth-enabled, fully-wireless headphones, you may have come across the new Topdon TP550. Priced considerably lower than most, they're made for the audio aficionado who desires high-end sounds, deep bass and a comfortable fit without the need to break the budget. A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to receive a free pair in exchange for our honest and in-depth opinion of them. We'll be reviewing them thoroughly and discussing their features and specific specifications in a clear and concise manner so you can formulate your own opinion. This'll help you justify whether or not they'll be a good fit and investment for you in the long run. Pairing and Setup Something that we noticed about the Topdon TP550 Bluetooth Headphones that we really liked was the on/off button was a switch rather than a button you press. In our experience, a switch is more beneficial than a push-button on/off since it has much less tendency to stay off when you need it to. It's less likely to accidently turn on when placed in a bag or small compartment. As with any pair of Bluetooth headphones, you're required to pair it to a music source or device so you can enjoy your audio wirelessly. To do this, turn the power switch to the on position and you should see a tiny blue LED glow. Next, press and hold the play button until another blue LED on the opposing ear cup begins to blink Topdon TP550 headset. At this time, they're ready for pairing. Go to your smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth-enabled device and make scan for available connections. Within seconds, you should see ��TP-550�� appear on the list. Select it and you should then hear an audible message read, ��your device is connected��. From here, you're good to go and ready to begin listening. Comfort and Fit First and foremost, we noticed that the Topdon TP550 Wireless Headphones were built well, felt solid and specifically designed to do well with traveling. While they're definitely not the most lightweight or slim-designed headphones we've ever seen, they boast a fairly slim profile and lightweight frame that's surprisingly rugged feeling. Weighing in at just 215 grams (7 topdon Elite Code Reader.5 ounces), they feel light but not ��cheap��. The material they're made from is a hard plastic with a soft velvet/rubber-like coating throughout, giving them a smooth feel, but they're securely reinforced with a solid metal construction in the neckband. Adjustment for a proper fit is simple. Each ear cup slides snugly, retracting from the neckband and securing in-position when placed over your ears. Each ear cup has an ample amount of padding with a soft leather material in order to provide lasting comfort. It's the same material and padding that's built around the neckband and it seems to do a wonderful job at providing a cozy fit. Although the pressure that they put on your ears isn't adjustable, it seems to be the right amount for a universal fit among different head sizes and shapes. Sound Quality Once you've achieved a proper fit that you're happy with and gone through the pairing process, you're ready to listen. To our pleasure, we found that the sound quality of the Topdon TP550's was downright incredible-especially considering their budget-friendly price tag. We tested them out with all kinds of genres of music-rock, rap, classical, pop and electronica. Each genre seemed to sound wonderful and right on-key with other pairs of headphones that we've previously tested that cost two times as much. Although the bass isn't adjustable, it seems to do a great job as well. It's never over-powering and not too weak either. We'll be honest-they don't provide the absolute best bass we've heard, but it's clearly acceptable to most standards. One thing that kind of threw us off a bit was the range of the volume. We'd expect them to be able to be cranked up a bit louder, but even the highest volume setting seemed to be sufficient-we really wouldn't want or need them any louder. We're just saying that some headphones in the same class can be cranked up a bit higher, although sort of pointless since who needs to listen-in that loud? Overall, for total sound quality, we'd give it a 9 out of 10. It doesn't seem to be noticeably lacking in any regard and provides plenty of enjoyment with great acoustic reproduction and true to life effects that sound clear. Each speaker is 40 millimeters in diameter and has a frequency response range from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz, an impedance of 32 ohms, and a rated power of 20 mW. Battery Life Since the Topdon TP550 Over-ear Headphones are completely wireless, they're independently powered by an internal lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 500 mAh. With an advertised play time of 18 hours, we found this to be fairly accurate. After 16 hours of initial use, the ��low-battery�� LED indicator began to blink red, letting us know that it was time to charge them up. Although we didn't hit the 18 hour length, 16 hours is quite sufficient and plenty of enough longevity for most every scenario. Charging is completed with the included micro USB cable. Simply plug in the cable to the input located on the left ear cup and connect it to any USB port. Within two or three hours, charging should be completed as indicated by the red LED turning off. Keep in mind that Topdon highly recommends you give them a lengthier three to four hour charge time upon initial use. Wireless Range While they're rated for a 10 meter or 33 feet wireless range between the headphones and your source device, we found this to be quite generous and totally dependent on the surrounding environment. These estimates that Topdon advertises is likely without any obstacles or interference in the way. Once you put a solid wall or a few pieces of furniture in the way, the wireless range can be drastically affected. In an ideal environment you can indeed expect around 30 feet or range, but it'll be dampened depending on the specific scenario at-hand. With a brick wall in the way, we found that the range diminished to around 10 to 15 feet. Truth be told, it's not often that you'll find any Bluetooth device that can communicate that well through solid walls, but we're here to be honest with our findings. Microphone By taking a close look at the right ear cup, you'll likely notice a small pin-hole between the play and volume buttons-this is the integrated microphone. Although quite small and discreet, it seems to pickup voice quite well and very clearly. We tested it on multiple outgoing on incoming phone calls and were fully satisfied with both the audio quality and clarity on the other end of the call. While a microphone may not be an important necessity for everyone, it's a nice feature to have that makes hands-free calling completely possible. Conclusion Overall, we're incredibly happy with the Topdon TP550 Wireless Headphones. They provide exceptional audio quality and lasting comfort to keep you cozy for hours of continuous use without any discomfort. They actively cancel out any background noise, thanks to their plush and snug fit, and seem to work equally well for all genres of music. While the wireless range may be lacking the true 10 meter range, it's totally dependent on the specific environment you're using them in Topdon Jump Starter. In a majority of situations, we're confident that they'll provide wonderful enjoyment, even if you don't plan on using them every day of the week. They're built well, very sturdy and have a solid, high-end feel to them. It'd be nice if there was a case or carrying bag included for travelling, but that's not a huge disappointment in our opinion. All in all, we wouldn't hesitate to reccomend them to anyone looking for superb audio quality, excellent comfort and an incredible battery life of 16 to 18 hours on a full, single charge. Source Link:http://nerdtechy.com/topdon-tp550-review
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